Paper summaries and reviews

Paper summaries (and reviews) are individual assignments. Each student writes their own summary and submits it through github. A reviewer provides one round of feedback, after which the original author can edit the summary more. The course staff will grade the final summary.

The summary should

In class, you will present your findings by presenting your summary to the rest of class.


We won’t have late days for the final summary. Talk to your reviewer if you really cannot make the date (this should happen very rarely).

How to write a good paper summary

Tips for reading a paper

How to submit a summary

For each week, we have a repo with summary templates. Create your own branch and create a PR to the main branch. Name your branch paper_tag+your github id.

How to use math in your summary

You can use $$\mathrm{math}$$ using $$\LaTeX$$ (inline).

1+2 \textrm{ in Display mode}

Make sure to place a blank line above and below.

You can preview your summary using jekyll s locally after installing jekyll

How to review a summary

Comment on the pull request.

Grading scheme

We will grade you (linearly) on four criteria

Each criterion has a weight of 5pt with a bias of -10pt (for a max total of 10pt). We will use your presentation as additional input for grading.

The reviewers grade will reflect the authors grade, unless: