Coding assignments

All coding assignments are team assignments. Five student work on one assignment (and codebase). We will grade you as a group (with exceptions for individuals that do not contribute).

In the coding assignment, you will

In class, you will present your findings by presenting your repo to the rest of class.


What should the code contain

What tasks and datasets are allowed

Most main-stream vision and language tasks (tasks people write respectable research papers on). You may pick two main-stream datasets and a toy dataset if you want to highlight something particularly interesting on a toy dataset.

What datasets are NOT allowed (this list may grow as class continues):

How to submit your code

Create a repo in the github team. Your repo should contain.

Grading criterion

We will grade you (linearly) on four criteria

Each criterion has a weight of 5pt with a bias of -10pt (for a max total of 10pt). We will use your presentation as additional input for grading.

Policy on using open-source codes

It is allowed to use open-source implementations but you need to cite the source properly. E.g., if you start with some existing codes, please first commit the original file and then modify in the following commits.