Instance Normalization: The Missing Ingredient for Fast Stylization, Ulyanov, Vedaldi, Lempitsky; 2016 - Summary
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Ulyanov et. al. revisit the task of image stylization. Previous works like Gatys et. al. (2016) have introduced methods for style transfer with good results but high computational cost. Ulyanov et. al. (2016) and Johnson et al. (2016) introduced feed-forward generator network architectures for stylization, however these networks did not achieve results as good as those propsed in Gatys et. al. In this paper Ulyanov improves his generator architecture through the replacement of batch normalization layers with instance normalization layers.

Image Stylization Ex.

The authors noted that the contrast of an input image should not be a factor in stylization and that contrast of the stylized image should be similar to the contrast of the original style image. As a result, the authors conclude that the network should discard contrast information from the content image.


This equation represents a simple version of instance-specific contrast normalization where each image pixel is divided by the sum of other pixels in its channel.

The generator network in Ulyanov et. al. (2016) actually implements batch normalization using:

Batch Normalization

These equations apply normalization across an entire batch of images rather than to just a single image in the simple example.

To combine the simple instance-specific normalization and batch normalization approaches, the authors propose instance normalization as follows:

Instance Normalization

The main difference between the two being that instance normalization performs per image normalization. Instance normalization is able to be applied at test time as well.

The authors performed some qualitative analysis on the substitution of batch normalization for instance normalization in both the Ulyanov et. al. (2016) and Johnson et. al. (2016) architectures, citing significant improvements over batch normalization. Examples of images stylized comparing batch and instance normalization across the various architectures are shown below.

Image Stylization Ex.1 Image Stylization Ex.2

The only variant the authors considered was using the Johnson et. al. (2016) model which used a residual architecture that the authors found more efficient.