Action II

starter code

In this project, we will train agent to battle in SuperTuxKart on battleisland. You’ll have full access to your own state (pystk.Kart) and an image, but nothing else.

Install SuperTuxKart

Please refer to the official documention regarding installation.

Note that we will use an updated pystk package (version 1.0a10) for this project. Please reinstall the pystk package if you have already installed it for proj5.

There is no limit on what to implement except for one restriction: your agent takes as input an RGB image and outputs a pystk.Action.


We will run your agent against 5 other AI agents in the battleisland map. Your agent scores by hitting other agents and collecting bonuses. Some of these other agents might be copies of your own agent ;)

Your agent will perform 10 battles, and score 1 to 10 points for each battle depending on your agents rank. In this starter code you can play against AI, in the final version, you’ll play against classmates.