Project 2 - Anything deep

Due date: Dec 3 2018, 1:00am


In this project you’re free to do whatever you’d like, as long as it involves deep networks. To successfully complete the project, your report and presentation should be at the level of a workshop submission at a top tier computer vision, graphics or machine learning conference (e.g. NIPS, ICML, CVPR, ICCV/ECCV, Siggraph (Asia), ACL, EMNLP, …). You are allowed to use your current ongoing research. However you’re not allowed to use research that has already been completed and submitted. The project can also be a seriously executed “joke” (it does not need to be useful for science).

To help you decide if your project idea meets our expectations we have a 2 minute flash presentation (without slides) for each team on Oct 22. You can use this presentation to get early feedback on your idea.

Finally, be ambitious! It is fine to fail in class, as long as you try something interesting (well evaluated and executed negative results will as high of a score as positive results).


Oct 10 Project 2 out
Oct 22 Project 2 flash presentations
Dec 3 Project 2 due


A writeup. Preferably in latex using the CVPR 2018 stylesheet. It should contain:

You do not need to submit your code for this assignment.

How to submit

Please submit a pdf of your writeup as a single file named [UTEID]_[You name].pdf (e.g. pk0000_PhilippKraehenbuehl.pdf) on canvas. If your working in a team name the file [UTEID1]_[You name1]_[UTEID2]_[You name2].pdf.

Additional notes:


Each team has 8 min to present (plus 2 min questions). Not every team member needs to speak, if you don’t want. A good presentation should spend:


This project counts 40% towards your final grade. The 40 points are split up as follows:

Late submission policy

The presentation cannot be late, you will loose 10pt if you do not have a presentation ready. You will lose 4pt for every day the submission is late. You will also not be eligible for the best submission score.

Possible ideas

If you need inspiration here are a few project ideas (feel free to completely ignore them):